Meet the Team

Hi there, I'm Marla. 

I'm Owner, Creative Designer, Production Supervisor, Mompreneur, Communications officer, Marketer, Shipping Consultant.... and whatever else is needed in this little business of mine . And I love everything about it! 

I prefer good quality tea, but am not too fussy about the instant coffee I drink. I have no stop-button when it comes to eating Wilson toffees, Hot Cross buns or Chutney flavoured crisps. I absolutely love gardening, - even pulling up weeds refreshes my soul😊. Wiggling my toes in the beach sand & surf, filling up on perspective & time to reflect and pray, makes me a better (and easier to live with) person. 

I value honesty, simplification, order, and hard work. Practical empowerment, community development and creative repurposing directs most choices I make in life & in business.

I am surrounded by a village that helps in more ways that I can really name. I wouldn't make it through some days if not for a few other sets of hands at home & in the community bringing me cups of tea, slipping little hand drawn notes of encouragement into my bag & helping with sewing, product clean up, turning products inside out, shipping parcels...

All in all, we're a normal bunch. But we aim to make difference: big or small, everywhere we go

Why not drop me an email and share your story and let's make difference, together.


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