About us

LULA Handmade was born out of multiple past creative endeavors:from selling chocolates as pre-teen , to facilitating art & therapy groups, and everything in between. 

I've really always been busy with either repurposing, hand crafting using various mediums and empowering others to do the same. But sensing a narrowing of focus, - a simplification-, towards the end of 2019, what used to be Hartshuis was relaunched as Lula Handmade in the middle of the 2020 pandemic. 

The name Lula itself speaks to this "simplifying" and making it easy" as it's isiXhosa rootword explain.

Inspired by the surrounding breath-taking mountains, beaches and unique plant life in the Western Cape , (and wonderful fabrics of course!), this what Lula is about:

A striving to make a sustainable difference in the local environment and community one product a time by:

  • using repurposed fabric wherever we can in the production and packaging of our products,
  • providing multifunctional fabric products & so lengthening their lifetimes & limiting waste, 
  • assisting local small business owners by making it easy for their products to come to life by providing development and production service to their  businesses.
  • while providing an income to local women who produce these eco-friendly products. 

So when you buy a gift from Lula Handmade or order  stock for your own shop, or allow me to custom make your products, we are taking hands to make a meaningful local difference together. 

It's a beautiful thing! 

Click on the link below to meet the faces behind the LULA Story and drop me an email via the contact form for more information!