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Where creativity intersects with functionality

Empowering fellow entrepreneurs and eco-conscious individuals to develop their dream products,  or source local & sustainable inventory, is a big part of what LULA is about.

We offer two easy solutions to likeminded individuals and business owners who want to elevate their businesses and empower the commmunity while leaving a smaller waste footprint in the process.

Read more about our custom & wholesale service below.

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Custom Product Development

Sleepless nights, dreaming of a new product, but frustrated with not knowing where to start?  Trying to support local makers and do something that is good for the South African soul?

I know just how you feel, and I'm so glad you're here!

As a creative who loves any opportunity to try something new, let me make it easy for you:
Easy to bring that gorgeous new product or packaging that has been stirring in your heart, into a beautiful & sustainable reality.

Hit the button below and let's start a conversation. Let's  make a product that will bring both you, and your customers, joy.

BTW....Any product from our standard LULA range of products are available for customizations. 

Let's chat!

Wholesale Orders

  • Whether you own a brick-and-mortar shop or sell online, stock is one essential you'll always need.
    And I would be delighted to provide you with products for your business' inventory.
  • Planning an event, conference or wedding?
    Why not support local and  win over your clients with our eco-consious gifts at the next event.
    Let LULA supply your corporate gifts, packaging or table decor.

     Have a peek at our standard product collection for ideas, or contact me to custom develop your product for you.
  • All products from the LULA HANDMADE standard range are available at wholesale prices when ordering in bulk.

    Hit the button below for a pricelist & let's make a difference in local small business together.
Request Pricelist here
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previous custom and bulk orders

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