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Hi there, I'm Marla. I'm Owner, Creative Designer, Production Supervisor, Mompreneur, Communications officer, Marketer, Shipping Consultant.... and whatever else is needed in this small business of mine . And I love everything about it!

I prefer good quality tea, but am not too fussy about the coffee I drink. I have no stop-button when it comes to eating Wilson toffees, Hot Cross buns or Chutney flavoured crisps.

I absolutely love gardening and being on the beach.There is nothing quite like the rythymn of the waves and the textures on the beach to bring perspective, joy and focus to this introverted soul. Even pulling up weeds or a quick cuppa on the beach makes me a better (and easier to live with) person - that's for sure!

I'm inspired by our unique Western Cape flora and breathtaking coastlines, as well as the strong women around me. Therefore, it would be impossible to not to incorporate elements of sandy beaches, weathered rocks, fynbos greens and ocean blues woven throughout most of the LULA range of products, and make them practical and durable for use by these world changing women.

I value honesty, simplification, order, and hard work. Practical empowerment, community development and creative repurposing directs most choices I make in life & in business. I love respectful collaboration and believe that we can make a difference together. A difference in our own lives, our business community and in stewarding our beautiful environment.

How blessed are we to live in such a beautiful, diverse country! If you're ever in the Somerset West area, please pop on by. I'd love to meet you!


Our Story

LULA Handmade was born out of diverse past endeavors and a love of creating 'things'. From trying my hand at making cards and embroidered gifts as no-fuss farm girl, to selling handpoured chocolates as a pre-teen, to facilitating art & therapy groups as Occupational Therapist, and everything in between.

Looking back over the past 30 years or so, I've really always been busy with either repurposing, a variety of handcrafts and empowering others to do the same.

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Sensing a narrowing of focus towards the end of 2019 though, what used to be Hartshuis Dekor, was relaunched as Lula Handmade in the middle of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. There is nothing quite like being locked down, separated from community & with income streams being threatened, to awaken & re-activate the desire to come together as local community to support each other and provide for your family.

For the past 8 years, I've worked hard to make a difference locally and sustainably: by supporting other local businesses in supplying eco-conscious gifts and packaging products. And I plan to keep doing this for a long while yet!

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Our Mission


A Meaningful Difference

Because meaningful buying should not be a luxury, every order placed with LULA supports the work of a local skills training project, providing dignified income to local women. We work together as a sewing community to supply you with beautiful products.


Simply Local

Sustainability is key for the future. We combine local artisans, repurposed fabrics and locally sourced fabrics where possible. Buying from us is local support where it matters.


Quality & Attention

Quality should not be exclusive. Being a small business owner myself, I know how important affordable quality workmanship is to you. And while I am able to make and design my own products until I'm satisfied, you might not be. This is why you can rest assured that my own hands and eyes are on your product the whole way through production, making sure they are made well


Naturally Sustainable

The packaging industry often overlooks natural fabrics in favour of cheaper syntetic alternatives. We think it's time to change that. We use repurposed and locally sourced supplies wherever possible in an effort to support local and to keep our eco-footprint small


Simplicity in Design

Dreaming is part of a small business owner's DNA. But finding the time to make the "dreamed up in the middle of the night-product" into a tangible item for you to sell, is difficult with so many balls in the air. Let me come alongside you to design your new product, bringing my years of practical sewing experience, creative problem solving and an ever present willingness to try new things, to your business. 


Clear Communication

Because I know what juggling a lot of balls at home and a business feels like, I endeavor to communicate well and within "normal people hours" so that you too can have some downtime with your loved ones.

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